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10 Reasons Why Mindfulness Should Be Taught To Children

As parents and educators, our goals for our children is to provide them with problem solving, creativity and survival skills for this world that we live in. We want them to have a positive relationships with all around them but especially, with their own selves. We give them the best academic and extracurricular exposure but at the same time we provide them with Social and Emotional Learning.

We want them to make responsible decisions without being swayed by emotions. We want them to make healthy decisions for themselves and not get lost in the whirlwind of negative thoughts. We want them to develop perseverence and grit and that its okie to fail but whats not okie is to get lost in despair and frustration

Mindfulness can help. Research shows us that the daily practice of mindfulness does have many benefits for both physical and mental health , not only for you, but also for children.

10 benefits of mindfulness practice in children:

1. Ability to be in the present with gentle curiosity and without judgement

2. Greater awareness of self, the emotions and thouughts

3. Constant and regular practice increases focus and concentration

4. Identification and appropriate labeling of emotions thereby ledaing to emotional Regulation and the ability to stay calm under stress

5. Reduced stress and anxiety

6. Increase in self-control , regulation and capacity to reflect, decreasing their impulses

7. Mindful Listening leads to better and present listening thereby increasing the ability to connect with others

8. Increased empathy and improve their relationships both with themselves and with their environment.

9. Being able to separate one's reactions from one's thoughts.

10. Decreased judgment and criticism towards them and towards others.

Overall, a daily practice leads to a greater emotional and psychological balance .

A strong and resilient mind that, if we carry it with values, will undoubtedly make your children happy adults.

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