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The Team

"What day is it" - Pooh

"It's today" - said Piglet

"My favorite day" - said Pooh

Shilpi Mahajan, Founder, Fablefy

 15 years of her life Shilpi had been a corporate professional trying to manage her mindfulness with the hardiness of the Finance and the transformation world. She has worked pan Asia and US. After realizing the serious lack of emotional intelligence and empathy in existing capitalistic models and leadership across companies, she quit her job where she worked as a transformation lead directly reporting to the CEO. She felt the major gap in organization stem from the gap in today's education in providing serious Social and Emotional Learning to children. As a Mindfulness practictioner she chose to integrate her learnings with SEL to bring it to education. Her endeavor, Fablefy aims at bringing Mindfulness superpower to children. Shilpi believes that stories connect and stories create. Using the power of storytelling she wants to bring bite sized animations and books that can be integrated into the school curriculum or a parent's day with their children. Her goal is to make Mindfulness accessible to communities at large anywhere, anytime in the globe. She is a mother of two and her children embody her spirit.

Sandeep Godkhindi, Mindful learning and development , Fablefy

Sandeep is a high performing learning and development professional with proven expertise in defining and creating customized learning solutions as per the organization's needs. He also believes in the power of emotional intelligence and holistic development of a child and wants to bring his learning expertise in the corporate world to the education sector.

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