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Our Mindful Superheroes - Want Them in Your Classroom/School or Organization?

Able was born in NYC. Her love for yoga and mindfulness comes from her mother. Her self awareness skills make her extremely emotionally intelligent and empathetic.

Able - Superpower: Self-Awareness
Chad -
Superpower: Resilience

Chad was born in Chicago. His grit comes from his father who fought for equal rights for everyone. He is resilient and uses meditation to strengthen his grit. 

Zara is a Muslim Syrian refugee. She immigrated alone with her sister and her courage comes from taking that leap of faith to create a better life for herself and her sister. She loves sports.

Zara -
Superpower: Courage

Fy loves Science and Art. He loves painting the galaxy. He is extremely compassionate and strengthens his practice with a regular loving kindness meditation. 

Superpower: Compassion

Rosa was born to parents who didn't speak English. She was bullied in school and now uses her experience to create a safe space for her classmates. She  loves animals.

Rosa - Superpower: Empathy

Lee loves Music and Theatre. She works hard and is extremely perseverent. She empowers everyone around her to work hard. She is kind hearted and helps people in need.

Lee - Superpower: Perseverence
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