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Slow Down Or You Will Crash

Mindfulness for kids

Tell me if any of these sounds familiar:

- "I have so much to do and no time to do it!"

- "I'm never going to make the deadline"

- "I feeling like my mind is going a mile a minute"

- "I can't seem to catch a break"

- "I'm so stressed out"

- "I NEED a vacation!"

If you are between the age of 15 - 65 and live in America, chances are that you have spoken at least one or all of these phrases (Probably within the last week or perhaps even today). With the ever increasing pace of life speeding up each day, it is no surprise that we are repeating these words more and more.

In a strange way it has almost become a competition for who can be the busiest and accomplish the most tasks. People like to rattle off their laundry list of things they have to do as if it is a badge of honor.

The constant busy life leads to more of us being overwhelmed more often, which in turn produces high stress/anxiety resulting in more people walking around with perpetual feeling of being on edge.

According to the American Psychological Association:

The Stress in America survey results show that adults continue to report high levels of stress and many report that their stress has increased over the past year.

75% of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month and nearly half reported that their stress has increased in the past year.

Stress is a top health concern for U.S. teens between 9th and 12th grade, psychologists say that if they don’t learn healthy ways to manage that stress now, it could have serious long-term health implications.

Our brains were not designed to be in "go mode" all the time, yet we feel if we try hard enough we might be able to rewire them to handle more overload.

Even when we are supposed to be relaxing on vacation the majority of us still are checking emails and talking with co-workers.

Why is it that we can't completely disconnect for more than a 24hr period?

Why do we feel the need to have our attention be given away to every notification that pops up?

Is it that we are just too connected now to disconnect?

Isn't it time we take back some control over our lives?

At the end of the day it is important to remember that the only person responsible for your stress is you. How you handle it is your choice because you are the one in the driver seat and if you don't slow down you're going to crash!

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