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Mindful Listening

Mindful Listening

One of the first exercise we teach the kids in our class is mindful listening. We start with the simple act of sitting in the right posture, closing their eyes to reflect willingness and intent. We then chime a bell and invite children to listen to the bell through the whole sound of the bell. They have to listen to the bell through the whole process of chiming: the moment the bell rings till the moment it ends. End as defined: No trace of any sound (Absolute stillness). They are to raise their hands once the sound is completely gone.

Its interesting to watch the stillness in the room, the quiet and the peace that envelopes with all the kids in the room focused on one object. There is something magical about human beings being still and focusing on one thing.

Even if this is one of the beginning exercise, in there lies the core of mindfulness: the practice of listenting? What does it take to give ourselves whole heartedly to listening? When was the last time you heard the falling rain or the birds chirping? What did it take to bring yourself entirely into the moment and feel one with the sound. When was the last time you were entirely present?

Keen on getting to do this exercise with your kids?

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