The Snow Globe

snowglobe mindfulness

“Do you know the word ‘anchor’? Remember that your breath is like an anchor that keeps you in the moment,” I said this to the class as I pulled out the snowglobe with twirling snowflakes. “The snowflakes are what your minds look like when there’s lots going on in your head or when you’re angry,” I told, shaking the snowglobe. “When you focus on your breathing instead of reacting, you’ll see that the sparkles sink and the water becomes calmer and clear. This is what our minds look like when we concentrate on our breathing. When we’re calm it helps us make clear, wise decisions.”

My favorite mindfulness exercise which can be done at home with your kids or even with yourself is the snow globe or the glitter jar or the mind jar exercise.

A simple way of doing this exercise. Take a snow globe or add glitter of multiple colors to water.