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#3/100 days of creativity: Build A Story

Storytelling, creativity

We are in the 3rd day of creativity and today we are doing a group activity to build not only our creative storytelling skills but also our lateral thinking skills. Story telling is the backbone of any creative communication. Writing a story typically means defining characters, creating a plot and ending it effectively.

In today's activity we are going to write a story but not alone but as a team. Creativity works differently when its collaborative. You can do this activity as a family activity or between friends. I ensure you the end product is going to be fun.

The activity:

1) Ideally, the group should be more than 4 children/adults.

2) Randomly select a person to start and let them write an introduction line.

3) Hand it off to the next person who reads the line and adds on to it.

4) Keep doing this until you have 20 lines or one full page of notebook is done.


Let the story go anywhere. Read the story aloud. You will be surprised at what is in there and how the plot unfolds when different minds work together.

Don't forget to share the story on facebook or twitter or mail it to us.

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