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#2/100 Days Of Creativity: Whats The Word?

Day 2 of creativity is an interesting exercise to stretch your limits. Do it as a family and let your imagination go wild.


Ever been in a zoo and seen two animals looking at each other or looking back at you or seemingly in a conversation with each other. Did you wonder what they could be speaking about? Have you ever tried understanding their expressions? Wondered what could they be saying about you?

Today let's put words in these animals mouth. Take the following pictures and try and create a possible conversation betweeen the animals. Try to judge the emotions. Make it funny/serious/intellectual.

Ideas to make it interesting as a family:

Read your stories to each other or may be fill the conversations for each other. Record them and send them to us and we will upload on our soundcloud.

Share with us on facebook or twitter or simply mail it to us.

Don't forget exciting entries will have a free copy of our lateral thinking of our flashcards.

Missed Day 1? Click here..

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