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Things My Children Taught Me About Creativity

Children are a box of creativity. Its because the patterns in their minds are still forming and they haven't yet developed the "disability" to look at things from previous experiences.

Here are a 3 things I learnt about creativity from my children:

1) There is no specific time for creativity:

Aahaan churns out creativity in almost every single bite of his food, that is when he not obsessed with the idiot box. His bread often looks like a boot or an alphabet. His milk are the playground for bubbles and his ice-cream cone an upside down hat.

There is no specific time for creativity. You don't need to have time set out in your dail schedule. You can start with 5 minutes doodles, writings, painting or story telling anytime of the day.

Bottom line, creativity can be achieved in 5-7 minute spurts when the inspiration strikes..

2) There is a reason to create - It helps break patterns:

I have set out time with my daughter for writing. I have learnt it helps her clear out clutter from her mind and structure her thoughts and focus on what matters.

Writing is a potent tool for self reflection and creativity. As and when I pen my thoughts, not only am I being creative, I am also helping wade throught the stream of emotions and making sense of the the world. Its a sort of conversation with my own self.

Words help create new structures and break down old patterns. You need to find your favorite mode to be creative and help yourself break patterns in that creative moment.

3) Everything creative is not a souveniur:

Everything created doesn't need to be done for a reason. There are no reasons. When I asked my 3 year old, why are you making a dinosaur? His reply - I super duper love dinosaurs. Just do the creative because you love doing it. Not because its a job requirement or because it has to be perfect.

Just do it, because you love it.

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