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Shilpi Mahajan
Nov 3, 2017

How is Mindful Parenting different from just being Mindful?


Mindful parenting is a new buzzword in the parenting circles. Mindful parenting is about being conscious of your words and thoughts. Its about being non-judgemental, non-reactive and attentive to what the present moment brings. An approach like this can have a huge impact in how you parent.


There are three key factors to mindful parenting:

  1. Observing your own feelings when in conflict with your child

  2. Pausing before getting angry

  3. Listening

These skills potentially help preserve the parent-child relationship, while also providing positive role modeling of how to handle difficult situations.


Being mindful is being limited in your approach to the words you say but mindful parenting entails the complete reactionary cycle and dealing with emotions or conflicts.

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  • Shilpi Mahajan
    Sep 23

    The term of being conscious about your decisions and words have a great impact with any type of relationships, now that can be a parent-child or friends or a husband wife or any other relationship. Mindful parenting is being conscious about what they have to be given in terms of perfect words, perfect thoughts etc. What you say to your child and how you say it can have a long term impact on the human they will be. Parenting is not always about teaching good things and bad things or providing resources to your child. Its about being non judgemental and non reactive in your interaction with the kids. Its about being attentive in that moment when your child expects you to be. It is about bringing positivity to every single interaction.