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Shilpi Mahajan
Nov 3, 2017

What are some strategies to build emotional skills in kids?

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Very few schools in America incorporate social and emotional learning in their curriculum. However, you can teach your child emotional intelligence in schools. Here are few strategies you can use and teach EI:

1) Name it to tame it: This is a great tool that can be used to manage emotions. This is very useful when meltdowns are happening. The naming of an emotion helps create the connection between the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex and thereby brings our rational brain to the forefront.

2) Create a mood meter at home: Creating a mood meter at home, can help teach EI to the whole family and help bring calm and peace to your home.

3) Acknowledge your child's perspective: Just being understood helps humans let go of troubling emotions. If your child's upset seems out of proportion to the situation, remember that we all store up emotions.

Empathizing doesn’t mean you agree, just that you see it from his side, too.

4) Use the RULER approach: This is an approach formulated by the Yale's School of Emotional Intelligence. RULER is a great guide to help children and parents effectively recognize emotions, understand them, label them, express them and finally regulate them.

5) Teach Mindfulness: Mindfulness helps children become more aware of their breath and their thoughts and gives tools to them to effectively manage periods of emotional breakdowns.

Oct 21

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