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Mindfulness is the quality of attention that combines full awareness with acceptance of each moment, just as it is—is gaining broad acceptance among mental health professionals as an adjunct to treatment.

Our video is based on the famous book, "Sitting Still Like A Fro...

 The minions are the most adorable characters ever. They make you laugh,  cry and they are perhaps the most human-like character ever.

My children and my family love these yellow ones. 

I have created this small video with snippets from the movies to bring lessons...

One of the functions of mind-body medicine is to tap into the body’s natural relaxation response -- in order to promote slower breathing, improve blood pressure, reduce stress and enhance wellness. Breathing exercises, or the focus on slow, regular and sometimes deep b...

"The tendency in our society is when there’s dis-ease, to grab another experience in order to reduce it." - Ram Dass

Yesterday, at a dentist's office, as I sat in silence, an assistant approached me to tell me how I could use my phone. When I told her I am okie, she loo...

Tell me if any of these sounds familiar:

- "I have so much to do and no time to do it!"

- "I'm never going to make the deadline"

- "I feeling like my mind is going a mile a minute"

- "I can't seem to catch a break"

- "I'm so stressed out" 

- "I NEED a vacation!"

If you are be...

SMILE! Have you ever had the experience when you were upset or had a frown on your face about something and someone came up to you and said one word.. "smile!"? They may not have known what was going on at the time, but they were doing their best to help you feel bette...

Be In Touch With Your Inner Self:

The first step towards being present is to take a voyage into your inner world. Unless you go there, you can't move on. In our world and depending on where you grow, vulnerability can be considered a weakness. As a result, not only do y...

As a parent, you want your children to be successful. But often we force our personal definition of success onto them and find vicarious pleasures in pushing them in that direction.

Society correlates success with financial wealth or fame and thats the value we try and...

If your children are like mine, I bet they love Harry Potter. Most of my students even if they haven't read Harry Potter, have watched the movies and are familiar with the characters. 

Before you do these exercises, the Harry Potter Way, take kids through Harry Pot...

This is a body scan for children. If you’re a parent, you might choose to do this with your child, or feel free to use the audio or the whole video as part of bedtime routine or at any other time of the day. You can use the script and do the meditation with your childr...