Tell me if any of these sounds familiar:

- "I have so much to do and no time to do it!"

- "I'm never going to make the deadline"

- "I feeling like my mind is going a mile a minute"

- "I can't seem to catch a break"

- "I'm so stressed out" 

- "I NEED a vacation!"

If you are be...

SMILE! Have you ever had the experience when you were upset or had a frown on your face about something and someone came up to you and said one word.. "smile!"? They may not have known what was going on at the time, but they were doing their best to help you feel bette...

As summer draws to an end and the fall begins to creep in, it can only mean one thing for children across the country... it's Back to School! 

I can recall growing up that there was always a mild sadness mixed in with a little nervousness and

excitement on the last day o...

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Implicit Bias And Why Educators Need To Identify It?

March 1, 2019

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